Content Writing Services

How Penpalms Content Writing Service Works

Our team of expert content writers is trained to deliver exceptional content that will give you the results you need.

When you work with Penpalms, you will get a dedicated content writer who will get familiar with your business, brand, and target audience. Your writer will work closely with you and your marketing strategist to ensure that every content published fits into your marketing strategy.

Take a look at our content writing services:

Website Copy

The first thing your visitor sees when they visit your website is your copy.

Your copy needs to be informative, concise, and optimized to rank for high-value keywords.

Most businesses struggle with landing page optimization. It’s a fact! It’s one thing to write words that Google likes, it’s another to write words that your audience resonates with. The fusion of the two is what makes an exceptional website copy.

Our website content writers are trained to develop fully optimized website copy, whether it’s a landing page copy for your most recent podcast or new content for a total website redesign.

Blog Posts

We can all agree that blog content is one of the cost-effective and solid ways to build brand awareness, establish authority and provide value. But with 7.5 million blog posts published every day, we need to do more to stand out – that’s where Penpalms comes in.

The difference between regular content and great content is a team of writers experienced in developing SEO strategies to create blog posts that are informative, value-adding, and optimized.

We can deliver short-form blog posts. We can also create long-form content that well-researched, well-written, and optimized to establish authority and engage readers.


What makes a great eBook? It’s not just the content. A great eBook is the perfect blend of content and design.

At Penpalms, we create eBooks that are written to deliver valuable information for potential customers and are beautifully designed to capture attention.

Our writers team up with your marketing teams to come with ideas, develop an outline and write the copy for each page of the eBook with design in mind. The result is a unique representation of your brand in form of an eBook that provides value, establishes authority, and increases sales.


White Papers

There is a reason why marketers love white papers. When created right, white papers generate traffic, boost your authority, solve your clients’ problems and act as powerful lead magnets.

When it comes to white papers, the design is as important as the content. You may fill your white paper with the best content, but if the design isn’t good, you won’t get great results.

Every white paper needs to be expertly crafted. Our writers are experts in data-gathering and business writing necessary to speak on behalf of your brand’s expertise. Our team of graphic designers is also experts in bringing your brand to life through designs.


Our writers at Penpalms are also trained copywriters. They know how to create engaging copy that informs, entertains, and convert.

Copywriting is not just about what you write, it is about how you write it. There’s a time and place for every word in the sentence, and our writers understand how to use words in a copy.

We are experts in creating calls to action, copies of banner ads, text ads, social media posts, landing pages, and brochures.

Email Copy & Newsletters

The median email marketing ROI is 122%. That is four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

For email marketing to work, you need the right content. You may be thinking that once you get people to subscribe to your email list, you have won the battle. No, not yet!

If your subscribers don’t like the content of your email, they will unsubscribe, and that’s a lose-lose. But, if they love your content, they are more likely to open your emails in the future.

At Penpalms, we understand what makes email content stand out. We write to engage your subscribers and turn them into paying customers.